Girl Gotta Hike The Podcast: Episode 2 - Jaime Renaud & Kim Hester

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Welcome back to the Girl Gotta Hike Podcast!

On this episode I talk business with mother and daughter Jaime Renaud and Kim Hester, two Maine-based Hostel owners who provide services to Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, section hikers and other outdoor adventure seekers in the far-reaches of northern Maine.

Like me, they found a way to combine their love of the Appalachian Trail hiking community with their entrepreneurial spirits to build businesses that help feed their passions. How cool is that?!

I caught up with them in May, when we were all gathered for the Annual Appalachian Trail Days Festival in Damascus, Virginia where Kim, Jamie, Jared & Paul (their husbands and business partners), had just put on one heck of a hiker-feed!

If you find yourselves on trail up in Maine, or you want to be, then you should definitely stop in and visit Kim, Jaime and their families at Shaw’s Hiker Hostel in Monson and The Appalachian Trail Lodge and Café in Millinocket.

Want some music for the road trip up there? Check out the musical stylings of my dear friend Eric Sanderson, whose music is featured on the podcast.

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