I live in the city - don't i need a car to go hiking?

Nope. While the most remote and serene spots require a car to get you to the trailhead, you yourself don't need wheels to get you there. Girl Gotta Hike knows of plenty of places to get out and about via public transportation, or you can hire us to take you to our favorite spots upstate.


do i need expensive hiking boots?

Nope. What's great about hiking is that all it takes to get started is the will to do so. A pair of comfortable sneakers (albeit something with a bit more grip than Converse All-Stars) is good enough to start. Once you catch the hiking bug and decide that you want to go further afield, then we can help you to figure out what footwear will best meet your needs.


what should i wear?

It depends on the weather forecast and the time of year. Generally speaking, you'll want to wear clothes that are made of synthetic materials to help wick away sweat from your body and you'll also want to bring layers to help regulate your body temperature. A brimmed hat and sunglasses are great accessories for sun protection.


is it safe for women to go hiking?

Yes! But whatever your gender identity, it's always good practice to be aware of your surroundings. Some women feel fine heading out into the woods alone, while others would prefer the company of a few friends. Girl Gotta Hike is here to be your hiking bestie and to assist you in navigating the physical, emotional and environmental challenges that being in the woods can bring. 


will i have to poop in the woods?

Pee? Most definitely. Poop? Depends on how long you're out there. Girl Gotta Hike can teach you the best sanitary and leave no trace practices for both. But there's nothing to be afraid or embarrassed of! Everybody's gotta do it. And once you've been on trail for a few days, you might just find that poop stories are flat out funny to tell around a campfire.


can you really have fun hiking?

Yes! For me it's about the escape. Putting down the phone and looking out into nature...walking along, having hilarious conversations with friends...moving my body through the landscape...getting to the top of a mountain and seeing how far I've come -- it all feels amazing and rewarding!


Got other questions or concerns? Send an email to info@girlgottahike.com